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So are customers!

SAT Vocab Hackers was created by two PhD students. As graduate students, we've found that we don't have the time or business experience necessary to make this app a huge success. Thus we are offering to sell all images and apps related to SAT Vocab Hackers.

What are you selling?

  • Rights to all of our 250 images and mnemonics. You can make your own flashcards, your own app, or add it as a feature to your site.
  • Total control over all our apps. We have thousands of downloads with users who have already made test-prep purchases.
  • Source code for Android, Web, and Windows. Feel free to build on our app or use our scaffolding to create your own.
  • Service creating new mnemonics. Want to create more mnemonics? We'll show you our process for creating both the mnemonics and the artwork.


Interested in purchasing? Want to know our exact download numbers? What framework our web app is written in? Don't be afraid to ask. Contact us at