Don't just stare at a book, use a scientifically proven way to learn and retain essential SAT words effortlessly. With vivid, custom-created mnemonic images, SAT Vocab Hackers: Visual Mnemonics Master was designed by two Ivy League graduate students hoping to spread the techniques they used to get into top universities.

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You're doing it wrong.

Alice and Bob are two high school students competing to get into top colleges. Bob studies for an hour every day, staring at vocab flaschcards, trying to memorize each definition. Alice studies just fifteen minutes every few days, but still achieves a better SAT score. How? By learning vocab words the same way competitive memory masters effortlessly memorize decks of cards or thousands of random numbers: with well-crafted visual mnemonics that simply make words stick.

Don't just study; study smart

Based on rigorous psychology research and the techniques of champion memorizers, SAT Vocab Hackers: Visual Mnemonics Master has a variety of features.

  • 250 vivid mnemonic images that simply make words stick crafted by professional artists
  • Full definitions and sample sentences, designed to maximize retention
  • Randomized quizzes to test and aide memorization
  • Statistics page tracks your progress
  • "Least memorized" list shows you which words you should work on to optimize your score

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SAT Vocab Hackers: Visual Mnemonics Master allows you to effortlessly utilize the methods of of memory champions to quickly and efficiently add challenging words to your vocabulary. Boost your SAT score overnight with SAT Vocab Hackers: Visual Mnemonics Master!